Council of Thieves (Pathfider)

Dungeons and Dragons
(Now including dungeons!)

Our heroes, finally into an interesting part of the game, found themselves in the entryway to the Asmodean Knot. Standing not twenty feet from the corpse of what seemed to be an elven wizard; First they delt with Calsinica, asking her if she wanted to go back to the party, or if she wanted to come along through the dungeon. Scared out of her little third-level aristocrat mind, and in a huff from all the pressure, she charged back through the mirror, and into the attic of Aberian’s Folly.

Next they dealt with the elven corpse; on him they found a Handy Haversack, filled with scrolls, necromantic spell components, and another curious object, which they determined is a piece of paper that curses the holder. Not seeing the immidiate effects, they ended up simply ignoring it, taking the useful items and moving further into the dungeon.

The next rooms held various horrors, including a trio of howlers, a never ending staircase, a mirror-portal to the Plane of Shadow. But they blazed their way through, taking their punches. They found a row of cells next, only one occupied, by a screaming, howling, insane bearded devil. The devil demanded he be set free, and threatened to kill them if they did not. After some beration, they agreed to set him loose, if he promised not to kill them, and also give them his magic glaive. He of course betrayed them, attacking them immidiately. The foursome cornered him, and attacked until he fell, taking his magic glaive, and leaving him to rot. They moved forward to a room filled with aquatic ghouls, an easy fight. The next room contained ball of animated chains which really presented no threat, and so they simply edged around it; moving down the hall, they came to a six way junction, deciding to take the right most path and coming to an confusing set of circular rooms, endless staircases, and bottomless pits. Trekking through the rooms they were ambushed on their way to the exit by a Teifling assassin, who stabbed Fearoda with a poisoned knife and then fled mostly unscathed. Shrugging it off, they made it away from the confusing hall, and into another junction, which they decided to steer to the left, accidentally choosing to move into the final room.

This room housed a grand stair, overlooking a thigh-high green-yellow sludge. The denizens of the room were a bearded devil turned Otyungh, and his three lesser demon subjects, all of whom jumped up at their entrance and attacked. The Otyungh made a formidable foe, jumping around and swinging twin magic swords, tentacles, and teeth alike. But with some well planned spells, almost all of the scrolls at their disposal, and some heavy swinging, they managed to knock him down, unconscious and into the sludge.

As trophies, they took his weapons, found some more glorious magic items hidden in the sludge, and also in an alcove at the back of the room, they found three chests, one full of books, gold, and a couple valuable things for fighting golems, another full of old papers, and the last holding the prize they came in for: The Chelish Crux.

Tune in next time to find out how they will escape from the horrible place, and will they be able to escape that curse? Will they run into the Teifling assassin again? Will most of the party turn into ghouls?

Probably everything will happen.

"Gee, it sure is boring around here..."
"Hmm, I wonder what's for dinner."

Our heroes arrive at the foot of the big day. They join a precession of actors and crew going from the Lime House to the brand new Nightshade theater. Once there they met the fifth addition to their party, Hack, a devilish man who seems to be good at everything. Arriving there, they ended up defeating the dreaded Six Trials of Larazod, each of the so-called trials were nothing more then minor trifles to the adventurers-turned-actors, and they received a standing ovation for having survived each horror in turn at the end of their performance. They may not have acted correctly one hundred percent of the time, but simply living through the entire play was the one thing that all of Westcrown was rooting for.

In the days following, they inducted Hack into the WPLF, and as predicted, messengers were sent to each of them, asking them to attend a large dinner called The Cornucopia at mayor Aberion Avranxi’s mansion. Exactly the invitations they were looking for.

They atteneded the [[|The Cornocopia|dinner]], which had many interesting guests, and a different overly-extravagant course served every hour from six to midnight. The intention was to wait for the other guests to be drunk enough to not notice them slip away and scour the mansion for the secret entrance into the Asmodean Knot. They however could not bear to wait, and ended up escaping to the attic to search for the entrance just before the beginning of the fourth course.

But what’s this?! Calsinica goes as well?!

tl/dr: Basically the most boring session ever.

Playing Hero
I can't be arsed to come up with a good tag-line

After some rest and relaxation, the party finds themselves pulled back to the hideout of the Westcrown People’s Liberation Front by Janiven and Arael; the pair introduces them to a Pathfinder who they helped smuggle into the city. Ailyn Ghontasavos, the Pathfinder, informes them that she may know a way to rid the city of the Shadow Beasts that plague the streets at night. She tells them that the problem may lie within the old Westcrown Pathfinder lodge, which was locked up tight with all manner of locks.

She tells them that they could attempt to break in if they wish, but the smart way to go might be to find a way in to the mayor’s house, where the keys to the place are most likely hidden. She tells them that they’ll have to find a way into the secret extra-planer dungeon called the Asmodean Knot to get the keys.

Janiven butted in and told them that she has a clever plan for getting the group into Aberian’s Folly, the mayor’s personal estate. She says that they are going to try out for the Mayor’s favorite play, knowing that he always invites the actors to galas at his house in the days after the play.

The following morning, the party headed to mid-Westcrown, to a little theater called the Limehouse, where they would try out for this play. The director, Robahl Nonon was harsh with them, but gave them all parts. Whizbang would play the lead, Larazod; Vaerik would play the crotchety wizard, Dentris; Slate was cast as the comedic-relief paladin, Tybain; and Faroda in the roll of the ex-torturer, Drovalid.

The next seven days of rehersal after rehersal were slightly tedius, and each of the new actors did questionable work in their rolls. By the seventh day, they had the play down, but their acting was still rather bad as a whole. Robahl, admitted there was nothing they could do, and hoped that their acting would simply get better over night.

Their big debut is just around the corner…

The End of Erebus
We conclude one adventure, and ready for the next.

Still stuck in the crypt below the Tempe of Erastil, the heroes move onward, stopping only occasionally to swig potions or cast handy spells.

Ascending a staircase caused them to fight a giant rot grub. The little thing strangely had them on the ropes, but they managed to bust through all the bad luck and kill it before it did any mortal harm. Continuing on, they set up an ambush for a group of teiflings they encountered in a large room: three bandits and a larger teifling named Dravano the Digger. As soon as they engaged this foursome, Ostengo his brother Vethamer, and four more bandits showed up to counter-ambush them!

The fight dragged on for a while, splitting the party’s attention between the two groups of marauders, but some cleverly aimed spells kept them from taking any massive damage. They ended up offing everyone except for Ostengo, who they stripped of belongings, questioned him, and then branded his forehead with the symbol of the WPLF. Afterwards they let him go to live out his shame.

From Ostengo, they were able to find out where the leader of the Bastards of Erebus hides. Through the door just to the west of them they learned lie Palaveen and his horde of stolen treasure.

((Game Master’s Note: Considering all of the tough battles they had lived through so far, I would think they would opt to stay and camp. They were sitting in a bunk room and being protected by a small horde of NPCs. But you will not be suprised to find that they ended up…))

Charging into the next room, they had Whizbang target the nearest bad guy and use their scroll of fireball on him. This easily killed all Palaveen’s skeletal wolf minions, and put quite a bit of hurt on him. They moved in to fight him, and ended up confused and searching for him after he cast invisibility on himself. Vaerik cast fairy fire to make him visible again, and they easily took the cleric down before he was able to slip out the door.

They left Palaveen’s body in a back-ally, stabbed through the heart with one of his stolen jeweled knives, for the Dottari to find, and returned to the WPLF headquarters to sort out loot, rest, and retell how they dominated the Bastards.

Amongst the treasure they found was a note to Palaveen in Abyssal:

“Palaveen, while we appreciate the work of your Bastards, the Council never intended this association to be anything more then that. We shouldn’t need to remind you that if you’re tiring applications continue, we’ll need to solve this problem in a manner less concerned with your good health.”

They spent around half a month afterwards enjoying their newfound wealth hawking off things they didn’t need, and commissioning the creation of some useful magic items.


Two Different Kinds of Actor
Our Adventure Gets Meaty

After preforming the errands for the WPLF Vaerik is paged by Thesing Umbero Ulvaud to a meeting at a bar, and is encouraged to bring his friends. Because of the threatening manor in which he was sent for (a bouquet of dead roses sent to his home), he consulted the party, and they proceeded with caution. Thesing had nothing planned, but it was good that they were alert, because the bar was occupied by a gang called the Black Basilisks.

Also in the bar happened to be Faroda, a capable Ranger and friend of Westcrown People’s Liberation Front member Larko. The Basalisks ended up picking a fight with Faroda, but the heroes jumped in and together they easily knocked out every member of the group with very little collateral damage.

After the fight, they spoke further with Thesing, who invited them tickets to a play. Ever suspicious, the heroes expected Thesing to turn them into the Hellknights, but went to the play anyway. Thesing again had nothing special in mind. The play ended up being a rather crackpot local venture.

After the play, the party, with Faroda as a new addition, were summoned by Arael and Janiven to discuss the WPLF’s next move. They announced that they would be taking on the Bastards of Erebus, gave them some supplies and advice, and then set them to their planning.

The party entered the ruined north Westcrown easily, and proceeded to the abandoned Church of Erastil where the Bastards hold up. Not particularly interested in stealth, they immediately alerted the guard on duty, who rang the alarm. They did away with the forward guard, and then went below ground to the crypt below the church. They fought another small group of guards accompanied by one of the senior members of the gang, Ostengo. Ostengo ended up escaping into chambers further away, but the party continued sweeping through taking out all of the Bastard’s summoned takers, both undead, and fiendish in nature.


The Prison Cart, and Other Exploits (session two)
Our Adventure Takes Shape

Janiven, Morosino and the party find themselves coming out of a sewer-exit behind an old Shrine of Aroden. Moving through the back door of the church reveals that it’s actually the hideout of Janiven and Arael’s rebel outfit. The Church is occupied by the nine other official members of the group. The PCs take some leisure time to chat with these youngsters and end up helping to decide on the name of the group: The Westcrown People’s Liberation Front.

The party spends the night in the church. The next morning, after some shopping, they meet with Janiven, who alerts them of her clever plan to ambush the prison cart being escorted to the Order of the Rack’s Citidel Rivad, inside of which lies the WPLF’s beloved leader Arael.

The PCs act as the main strike-force, and with little ordeal are able to drive off, or knock all of the Hellknight trainees, and their leader, Shanwen Shanwen, unconscious. A decisive victory, and Hellknight humiliation, word about which was quickly spread through the Westcrown rumor-mill. On Shanwen’s body they found a letter from the Westcrown aristocracy to Citidel Rivad pleading for support with a particularly hard, active group of bandits called the Bastards of Erebus.

Upon arriving back in Westcrown, Vaerik volunteered to take the borrowed horses back to stable instead of reveling in the glory of the WPLF’s first big victory. When he arrived at the stable, he ran into Thesing Umbero Ulvaud, a local opera singer, who was literally beating the stablemaster for not having horses ready for a performance. Vaerik stood by and let the situation play out, stepping in to help only a few times and unsuccessfully pulling Thesing away from browbeating the other man.

The days after rescuing Arael, the party spent updating their equipment, laying low, and gathering information on small jobs they could complete for the WPLF. Arael and Janiven alerted them to two leads: A group of goblins in ruined north-Westcrown lead by someone called White Chin, and a mysterious beneficiary called “Bluehood” who will pay anyone a hundred gold for slaying the shadow beasts who wander the Westcrown streets at night. The party completed both of these contracts with ease.

Of Sewers and Signmarkers (session one)
Our Adventure Begins

The individual members of the party are called together by Janiven, to Vizio’s Tavern where she proposes that they four join her in liberating the city of Westcrown. The dinner-meeting is cut short when Morosino barges in and begins announcing that the Hellknights of the Order of the Rack have captured the boss of Janiven’s outfit, Arael, and have also found Vizio’s. Janiven leapt up and lead the PCs to a secret passage into the Westcrown sewers.

The sewers were annoying at best. The party wrestled with a few waves of Hellknight Armingers, some zombies, skeletons, and a nest of Goblins. Hours later they found the exit.


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