Council of Thieves (Pathfider)

Playing Hero

I can't be arsed to come up with a good tag-line

After some rest and relaxation, the party finds themselves pulled back to the hideout of the Westcrown People’s Liberation Front by Janiven and Arael; the pair introduces them to a Pathfinder who they helped smuggle into the city. Ailyn Ghontasavos, the Pathfinder, informes them that she may know a way to rid the city of the Shadow Beasts that plague the streets at night. She tells them that the problem may lie within the old Westcrown Pathfinder lodge, which was locked up tight with all manner of locks.

She tells them that they could attempt to break in if they wish, but the smart way to go might be to find a way in to the mayor’s house, where the keys to the place are most likely hidden. She tells them that they’ll have to find a way into the secret extra-planer dungeon called the Asmodean Knot to get the keys.

Janiven butted in and told them that she has a clever plan for getting the group into Aberian’s Folly, the mayor’s personal estate. She says that they are going to try out for the Mayor’s favorite play, knowing that he always invites the actors to galas at his house in the days after the play.

The following morning, the party headed to mid-Westcrown, to a little theater called the Limehouse, where they would try out for this play. The director, Robahl Nonon was harsh with them, but gave them all parts. Whizbang would play the lead, Larazod; Vaerik would play the crotchety wizard, Dentris; Slate was cast as the comedic-relief paladin, Tybain; and Faroda in the roll of the ex-torturer, Drovalid.

The next seven days of rehersal after rehersal were slightly tedius, and each of the new actors did questionable work in their rolls. By the seventh day, they had the play down, but their acting was still rather bad as a whole. Robahl, admitted there was nothing they could do, and hoped that their acting would simply get better over night.

Their big debut is just around the corner…



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