Council of Thieves (Pathfider)

Of Sewers and Signmarkers (session one)

Our Adventure Begins

The individual members of the party are called together by Janiven, to Vizio’s Tavern where she proposes that they four join her in liberating the city of Westcrown. The dinner-meeting is cut short when Morosino barges in and begins announcing that the Hellknights of the Order of the Rack have captured the boss of Janiven’s outfit, Arael, and have also found Vizio’s. Janiven leapt up and lead the PCs to a secret passage into the Westcrown sewers.

The sewers were annoying at best. The party wrestled with a few waves of Hellknight Armingers, some zombies, skeletons, and a nest of Goblins. Hours later they found the exit.


The first session, I was kind of hungover and had a hard time getting into the “online” thing. The second session on the other hand, was a blast. I’m still kind of rusty in the D&D department, so I don’t always know what to do, but planning an ambush (ala Red Dawn), buying new gear, and slaying some goblins (Pathfinder perfected them), was the most fun I’ve had since our D&D group ended. I enjoy this immensely.


The second session definitely held more meat in my opinion. Session one felt very much like busy work by comparison. I hope it all continues to be a good romp for everyone. This next session should see us mopping up the final bits of book one, and then we get to go into the dreaded book two…


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