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Our heroes, finally into an interesting part of the game, found themselves in the entryway to the Asmodean Knot. Standing not twenty feet from the corpse of what seemed to be an elven wizard; First they delt with Calsinica, asking her if she wanted to go back to the party, or if she wanted to come along through the dungeon. Scared out of her little third-level aristocrat mind, and in a huff from all the pressure, she charged back through the mirror, and into the attic of Aberian’s Folly.

Next they dealt with the elven corpse; on him they found a Handy Haversack, filled with scrolls, necromantic spell components, and another curious object, which they determined is a piece of paper that curses the holder. Not seeing the immidiate effects, they ended up simply ignoring it, taking the useful items and moving further into the dungeon.

The next rooms held various horrors, including a trio of howlers, a never ending staircase, a mirror-portal to the Plane of Shadow. But they blazed their way through, taking their punches. They found a row of cells next, only one occupied, by a screaming, howling, insane bearded devil. The devil demanded he be set free, and threatened to kill them if they did not. After some beration, they agreed to set him loose, if he promised not to kill them, and also give them his magic glaive. He of course betrayed them, attacking them immidiately. The foursome cornered him, and attacked until he fell, taking his magic glaive, and leaving him to rot. They moved forward to a room filled with aquatic ghouls, an easy fight. The next room contained ball of animated chains which really presented no threat, and so they simply edged around it; moving down the hall, they came to a six way junction, deciding to take the right most path and coming to an confusing set of circular rooms, endless staircases, and bottomless pits. Trekking through the rooms they were ambushed on their way to the exit by a Teifling assassin, who stabbed Fearoda with a poisoned knife and then fled mostly unscathed. Shrugging it off, they made it away from the confusing hall, and into another junction, which they decided to steer to the left, accidentally choosing to move into the final room.

This room housed a grand stair, overlooking a thigh-high green-yellow sludge. The denizens of the room were a bearded devil turned Otyungh, and his three lesser demon subjects, all of whom jumped up at their entrance and attacked. The Otyungh made a formidable foe, jumping around and swinging twin magic swords, tentacles, and teeth alike. But with some well planned spells, almost all of the scrolls at their disposal, and some heavy swinging, they managed to knock him down, unconscious and into the sludge.

As trophies, they took his weapons, found some more glorious magic items hidden in the sludge, and also in an alcove at the back of the room, they found three chests, one full of books, gold, and a couple valuable things for fighting golems, another full of old papers, and the last holding the prize they came in for: The Chelish Crux.

Tune in next time to find out how they will escape from the horrible place, and will they be able to escape that curse? Will they run into the Teifling assassin again? Will most of the party turn into ghouls?

Probably everything will happen.


Now I am absolutely Psyched to see what other horrors/wonders that the Knot Holds . . . Also, I want to get that assassin. Like Really get her.

Dungeons and Dragons

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