Council of Thieves (Pathfider)

"Gee, it sure is boring around here..."

"Hmm, I wonder what's for dinner."

Our heroes arrive at the foot of the big day. They join a precession of actors and crew going from the Lime House to the brand new Nightshade theater. Once there they met the fifth addition to their party, Hack, a devilish man who seems to be good at everything. Arriving there, they ended up defeating the dreaded Six Trials of Larazod, each of the so-called trials were nothing more then minor trifles to the adventurers-turned-actors, and they received a standing ovation for having survived each horror in turn at the end of their performance. They may not have acted correctly one hundred percent of the time, but simply living through the entire play was the one thing that all of Westcrown was rooting for.

In the days following, they inducted Hack into the WPLF, and as predicted, messengers were sent to each of them, asking them to attend a large dinner called The Cornucopia at mayor Aberion Avranxi’s mansion. Exactly the invitations they were looking for.

They atteneded the [[|The Cornocopia|dinner]], which had many interesting guests, and a different overly-extravagant course served every hour from six to midnight. The intention was to wait for the other guests to be drunk enough to not notice them slip away and scour the mansion for the secret entrance into the Asmodean Knot. They however could not bear to wait, and ended up escaping to the attic to search for the entrance just before the beginning of the fourth course.

But what’s this?! Calsinica goes as well?!

tl/dr: Basically the most boring session ever.



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