Council of Thieves (Pathfider)

Two Different Kinds of Actor

Our Adventure Gets Meaty

After preforming the errands for the WPLF Vaerik is paged by Thesing Umbero Ulvaud to a meeting at a bar, and is encouraged to bring his friends. Because of the threatening manor in which he was sent for (a bouquet of dead roses sent to his home), he consulted the party, and they proceeded with caution. Thesing had nothing planned, but it was good that they were alert, because the bar was occupied by a gang called the Black Basilisks.

Also in the bar happened to be Faroda, a capable Ranger and friend of Westcrown People’s Liberation Front member Larko. The Basalisks ended up picking a fight with Faroda, but the heroes jumped in and together they easily knocked out every member of the group with very little collateral damage.

After the fight, they spoke further with Thesing, who invited them tickets to a play. Ever suspicious, the heroes expected Thesing to turn them into the Hellknights, but went to the play anyway. Thesing again had nothing special in mind. The play ended up being a rather crackpot local venture.

After the play, the party, with Faroda as a new addition, were summoned by Arael and Janiven to discuss the WPLF’s next move. They announced that they would be taking on the Bastards of Erebus, gave them some supplies and advice, and then set them to their planning.

The party entered the ruined north Westcrown easily, and proceeded to the abandoned Church of Erastil where the Bastards hold up. Not particularly interested in stealth, they immediately alerted the guard on duty, who rang the alarm. They did away with the forward guard, and then went below ground to the crypt below the church. They fought another small group of guards accompanied by one of the senior members of the gang, Ostengo. Ostengo ended up escaping into chambers further away, but the party continued sweeping through taking out all of the Bastard’s summoned takers, both undead, and fiendish in nature.



This Description falls well into the category of EPIC!

Two Different Kinds of Actor

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