Council of Thieves (Pathfider)

The Prison Cart, and Other Exploits (session two)

Our Adventure Takes Shape

Janiven, Morosino and the party find themselves coming out of a sewer-exit behind an old Shrine of Aroden. Moving through the back door of the church reveals that it’s actually the hideout of Janiven and Arael’s rebel outfit. The Church is occupied by the nine other official members of the group. The PCs take some leisure time to chat with these youngsters and end up helping to decide on the name of the group: The Westcrown People’s Liberation Front.

The party spends the night in the church. The next morning, after some shopping, they meet with Janiven, who alerts them of her clever plan to ambush the prison cart being escorted to the Order of the Rack’s Citidel Rivad, inside of which lies the WPLF’s beloved leader Arael.

The PCs act as the main strike-force, and with little ordeal are able to drive off, or knock all of the Hellknight trainees, and their leader, Shanwen Shanwen, unconscious. A decisive victory, and Hellknight humiliation, word about which was quickly spread through the Westcrown rumor-mill. On Shanwen’s body they found a letter from the Westcrown aristocracy to Citidel Rivad pleading for support with a particularly hard, active group of bandits called the Bastards of Erebus.

Upon arriving back in Westcrown, Vaerik volunteered to take the borrowed horses back to stable instead of reveling in the glory of the WPLF’s first big victory. When he arrived at the stable, he ran into Thesing Umbero Ulvaud, a local opera singer, who was literally beating the stablemaster for not having horses ready for a performance. Vaerik stood by and let the situation play out, stepping in to help only a few times and unsuccessfully pulling Thesing away from browbeating the other man.

The days after rescuing Arael, the party spent updating their equipment, laying low, and gathering information on small jobs they could complete for the WPLF. Arael and Janiven alerted them to two leads: A group of goblins in ruined north-Westcrown lead by someone called White Chin, and a mysterious beneficiary called “Bluehood” who will pay anyone a hundred gold for slaying the shadow beasts who wander the Westcrown streets at night. The party completed both of these contracts with ease.



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