Bastards of Erebus

A group of Tiefling bandits and thieves who have been particularly active in Westcrown in the last year-or-so.

Their crimes tend to stay within the realms of robbery, and only happen at night. They never hit in the same area twice, and they never commit more then two robberies a week, usually spacing them by a day or more. They always leave a wooden coin, carved with the head of a devil in profile at the scene of their crimes, but are otherwise always very careful and neat.

The last recorded crime they committed was on a blacksmith’s shop. Before they could make away with the goods, the owner woke up and came down to check his shop. They ended up murdering him, and then his wife, probably so there would be no witnesses. The first significant case of murder ever on record by the Bastards.

As of session four, all but one of the Bastards of Erebus died in a raid on their hide out by the Westcrown People’s Liberation Front.

Signifigant Members.

Notable loot: Gold and jewels.

Bastards of Erebus

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