Black Basilisks

The Basilisks are a startup group of highwaymen who operate mostly in the outlying areas of Westcrown. They are mostly made up of former orphans from the city, grown into adulthood and unable to live life like urchins anymore. All Black Basilisks are blood brothers, and have to prove themselves to the others by allowing themselves to be tattooed with a large wrap-around tattoo on the left shoulder spanning from the collarbone to the shoulder blade. The Basilisks fancy these tattoos as some kind of empowering gesture, and each one is subtly different from the others so as to be both bonding and distinguishing.

The Basilisks are impartial to the crimes they commit, but have not had much time to make a name for themselves as a real gang. They have been robbing small caravans for a year, and only in the last month or so have they seemed to have enough membership and funding to start making some real incursions into the banditry field. Besides petty theft, theft, and trespassing, in the last month the Basilisks have added grand larceny, murder, and rape to their list of crimes, and the number of Basilisks has also doubled.

They were audacious enough to walk into Westcrown one day, and pick a fight with the leading members of the Westcrown People’s Liberation Front however, and now five of their number are in jail, including their leader, and one lays dead. The other four members quickly disbanded the group upon hearing about the development, seeing as none of them ranked enough to be an acting leader.

Their leader, currently jailed, is actually a very sensible man named “Stony Allister.” He once only had himself and his four friends turn to banditry so they could survive, but the newer members came and started suggesting they get more severe. In order to keep the chain of command firmly in his hand, he had to live with the unspeakable acts they were encouraging his other men to do. The one man who died in the bar fight with the WPLF was Stony’s best friend since childhood, “Little Roy.”

Stony and the four other men were locked away in the Westcrown prison for an indefinite amount of time.

Notable loot: Pants, Boots, Pride.

Black Basilisks

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