Order of the Rack

The Order of the Rack are the eldest of all the orders of Hellknights, and one of the most ruthless. They are specifically stationed northwest of Westcrown in their fortified castle called Citadel Rivad.

Because of their nature, the Order of the Rack is often at odds with other Hellknight orders, but because of their power, the other orders can do nothing much to put a stop to them. The most notable player in the game against the Order of the Rack is the Order of the Scourge, who tend to be the most lawful of all the orders, and want to punish their wild activity.

It’s most common to run into their Armingers, or trainee-level Hellknights, which are little more then commoners with a little combat training and some quality equipment.

Notable NPCs from this group: Shanwen Shanwen

Order of the Rack

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