Male Tiefling Sorcerer 2

A tiefling with a birth defect: Instead of odd-colored skin, and horns, his skin is layered and flaky. If wrapped in bandages, he looks unmistakably like a walking mummy. He uses this appearance to his advantage, stamping around like the walking dead and attempting to scare people out of fighting him. Consequently this also scares his allies, bolstering their morale to the point where they will fight to the death. He is a higher ranking member of the Bastards of Erebus.

Ostengo ended up walking away from the Bastard’s hideout stripped of everything, but alive, in session four. They cruelly branded his forehead with the symbol of the Westcrown People’s Liberation Front. Shamed, he now prowls alleys in shadier parts of town begging or stealing for a living. He has given up his mummy-like disguise, and now only wears a single white bandage over his head to cover the humiliating scar.


Ostengo’s brother Vethamer carries almost identical statistics. Vethamer was killed by the party in an ambush in session four.


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