Thesing Umbero Ulvaud

“A singer in Grandiose Courses

Who beats men who don’t give him horses

He’ll Run in to us

And he’ll blather and fuss

As we make off with all his Resources”

~Glen Franklin Prather on Thesing Umbero Ulvaud

Thesing is a pompous young actor and singer in the Westcrown opera community. He carries himself like royalty, and expects most people to understand who he is without question.

He was first encountered by Vaerik in session two, where he displayed his ability to throw a tantrum over next to nothing by repeatedly beating a man for not having the horses he needed ready (despite not ordering them beforehand). The way Vaerik handled the situation seemed to get Thesing’s ire up, for in the following days Thesing sent Vaerik a seemingly threatening gift of a bouquet of dead roses, and a request for a meeting.

After disposing of some undesirables at the meeting spot, the party recieved an invitation to attend a play, and after attending learned that Thesing is only malicious and malevolent on a social level, but is otherwise completely harmless.

Thesing Umbero Ulvaud

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