White Chin

Male Goblin Wererat Rogue 1

The “King” of a group of goblins living in the derelict north side of Westcrown. He got his namesake because of the snow-white stubble that sprouts from his chin. Notorious for implementing hit-and-run tactics on work crews sent into the area to run maintenance or demolish or rebuild. Despite this, the local government could not care less about disposing of him; for months now petitions have been sent back to their writers with notes that they should commission their own heroes to get rid of the beast.

White Chin and his bunch weren’t particularly dangerous. They occupied a particularly useless part of town, and almost exclusively hunted inside it’s boundaries. But a small threat left unchecked can grow.

News of White Chin’s defeat, and of his wererat lycanthropy, have spread through Westcrown’s rumor mill, giving the WPLF even more fame for their lightning reflex at taking care of the problem.

Notable loot: +1 Dagger, Scroll of Fireball, gemstone

White Chin

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