Council of Thieves (Pathfider)

The End of Erebus

We conclude one adventure, and ready for the next.

Still stuck in the crypt below the Tempe of Erastil, the heroes move onward, stopping only occasionally to swig potions or cast handy spells.

Ascending a staircase caused them to fight a giant rot grub. The little thing strangely had them on the ropes, but they managed to bust through all the bad luck and kill it before it did any mortal harm. Continuing on, they set up an ambush for a group of teiflings they encountered in a large room: three bandits and a larger teifling named Dravano the Digger. As soon as they engaged this foursome, Ostengo his brother Vethamer, and four more bandits showed up to counter-ambush them!

The fight dragged on for a while, splitting the party’s attention between the two groups of marauders, but some cleverly aimed spells kept them from taking any massive damage. They ended up offing everyone except for Ostengo, who they stripped of belongings, questioned him, and then branded his forehead with the symbol of the WPLF. Afterwards they let him go to live out his shame.

From Ostengo, they were able to find out where the leader of the Bastards of Erebus hides. Through the door just to the west of them they learned lie Palaveen and his horde of stolen treasure.

((Game Master’s Note: Considering all of the tough battles they had lived through so far, I would think they would opt to stay and camp. They were sitting in a bunk room and being protected by a small horde of NPCs. But you will not be suprised to find that they ended up…))

Charging into the next room, they had Whizbang target the nearest bad guy and use their scroll of fireball on him. This easily killed all Palaveen’s skeletal wolf minions, and put quite a bit of hurt on him. They moved in to fight him, and ended up confused and searching for him after he cast invisibility on himself. Vaerik cast fairy fire to make him visible again, and they easily took the cleric down before he was able to slip out the door.

They left Palaveen’s body in a back-ally, stabbed through the heart with one of his stolen jeweled knives, for the Dottari to find, and returned to the WPLF headquarters to sort out loot, rest, and retell how they dominated the Bastards.

Amongst the treasure they found was a note to Palaveen in Abyssal:

“Palaveen, while we appreciate the work of your Bastards, the Council never intended this association to be anything more then that. We shouldn’t need to remind you that if you’re tiring applications continue, we’ll need to solve this problem in a manner less concerned with your good health.”

They spent around half a month afterwards enjoying their newfound wealth hawking off things they didn’t need, and commissioning the creation of some useful magic items.




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