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Hello everyone.

So I know I said I wouldn’t go overboard with this, but I kinda did anyway. I just felt the surge of power in my finger tips, and was reminded of days past when I would practice writing wiki pages on the Uncyclopedia

As a result, I’ve filled our little Wiki up with pages on most of the NPCs that you’ve met, and I can already feel the tingling need to want to fill it with even more useless information. I severely doubt that such detail will be needed, but I guarantee you that that’s not going to stop me from making page after page. Maybe an extremely official format will come in handy at some minuscule point, but I doubt it.

Anyway, click on the Wiki section for a little walk through of some of the new pages I’ve been making. I’m going to update it soon.

~Casey (10/11/09)

Home Page

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