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Welcome to the Wiki! I’ve been a busy-bee and have fleshed it out a little to much, but in so doing I’ve made something that could be considered a work of art which we can build upon and make into something both handy and superfluous.

If you’re wondering exactly how to navigate this place, I suggest one of two things: The first being that you redirect yourself to the tab marked “Adventure Log” and read one of the posts there. Clicking on any of the blue links there will take you to a page I’ve created for that object, character, place, or group, while clicking on a red link will open up a page editor so that you can try your hand at making a page to describe the thing you clicked on. This is not required of any of you, I plan to eventually make all of the red links into blue ones eventually, but if any of you guys want to practice your wiki writing skills, go ahead and give it a try! (maybe write something naughty about Thesing)

The other way you can find pages is by scrolling down about three quarters of the way on this very page. To the right of this text (maybe below it) should be a ugly black box marked with the words “Filter By Tag”. Clicking any of the links in that box will list all of the pages I’ve made that I’ve tagged in that fashion. And clicking on “Show All” right above that box will list every page that’s been produced so far.

If you guys have any questions about how wiki code works, you can ask me about anything and I’ll do my best to answer. It’s really pretty simple and fun when you get the hang of it.

Main Page

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